James is someone who bombards Facebook groups concerning seduction with rants on how you can’t learn to engage with women to establish an intimate connection, or put in other words, he thinks you can’t learn how to seduce women, because women only like men for their looks, so once they like you for your looks, you can’t mess up anymore, there’s nothing to learn.

This shows an extremely poor understanding of the female psyche, what women want and what women find exciting…

Here is one of his rants:

‘The whole PUA “dating coaching” “bootcamps” etc is one big major scam. The only positive thing about it is it motivates guys to be proactive in their dating lives. The thing is, you don’t NEED to spend thousands of dollars to motivate yourself to go out and approach.

What dating coaching fails to address is that women PRESELECT the men they want to sleep with based on their preferences. Every man gets preselected by the opposite sex at different rates based off of their looks, money, status and LOCATION.

There’s nothing another guy will tell you to get better results with women because ultimately, women are the CHOOSERS. They choose us, we don’t choose them. Women predetermine the men they want to sleep with based on THEIR preferences, and no amount of “dating coaching” and “bootcamps” will ever change that.

The level of “social skills” necessary to fuck a girl who’s already attracted to you isn’t that high. As long as you are cordial, and not creepy/autistic/weird, that’s generally enough. Not any of that dancing monkey PUA shit. if a woman is interested in you, chances are she will pull her own weight in the interaction and at that point, you really don’t need “game”.

THe whole PUA industry became big because it scammed a lot of desperate incels into believing their drivel. The PUA industry is equivalent to the fitness industry. Picking up women is NOT complicated, EITHER A WOMAN IS INTO YOU OR NOT AND IT’S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE TO CAPITALIZE ON IT. naturals don’t exist and neither are guys good with women, it’s just a dude who gets preselected by women more often because they are leveraging some form of his looks, money, status to get those girls. And NO, LMS is NOT GAME. Game is behavior based.’

Our comments:

  • Your attitude, vibe, the way you interact with women matters way more than your looks
  • Seduction is not simply a ‘skill’, it’s an art. That means you can get better at it, but you will never be 100 percent succesful at it. It’s more like waging war, than cooking. With enough training you can always bake a near perfect chocolate cake, but no matter how hard a general studies, he can still lose a battle, it’s an art not a skill. There are way too many variables and luck factors to always be succesful, but there simply is a pattern in what women find attractive. And it makes total sense. Women are NOT bitches, the things they find attractive in men actually requires men do be better version of themselves. It’s a good thing that women don’t just want to sleep with everyone who applies. Our species is still around because women were picky!
  • There’s a lot of seduction advice that is total rubbish, that’s because it’s spread by guys who don’t live seduction, they may know something about it, but it’s not part of their life style. Plus, even those that understand seduction often lack the pedagogical skills to teach others
  • Yes, if a woman finds you physically attractive you’ll have it easier to establish an exciting connection
  • If a woman does not immediately see a stud in you, you still have a chance to seduce her with your personality, vibe, the way you treat her, the atmosphere you create, etc
  • Again: this does not mean that understanding how seduction works will let you seduce any woman. It will significantly raise your chances, and NOT because you approach more and more women. Yes, you, obviously increase your chances of finding a woman to connect with if you talk to tons of them, but understanding seduction will subtantially increase your odds.