‘Argentina’s Football Federation is trying to contain an embarrassing scandal after it handed out a manual that includes advice on how to seduce Russian women during the World Cup.

The manual was handed out to journalists, players and coaches during a free course about Russian language and culture organised by the national federation’, writes ABC news.

The teacher put it in there ‘by mistake’.

We practiced our Spanish and took a look at what the manual says. It contains some mondblowing new information.

In no particular order:

  • First impressions are very important to Russian women, so you have to dress well, and not smell. We didn’t know that this was a specific preference of Russian women…
  • Russian women do not like to be treated like sex objects. As opposed to non-Russian women???
  • They like to be treated as unique individuals. Wow, these Russian ladies seem demanding!
  • In Russia they do not like to talk about sex in public, in Russia sex is a very private matter. At this point I booked my flight ticket to Argentina!! Things must be so different there!
  • You have to make an effort to talk about interesting things, like the country you are from. Russian women like to hear about other countries
  • You have to treat her like a person with her own ideas and desires
  • You musn’t be negative, she won’t like that
  • You’ll have an advantage as a foreigner, if you make an effort to be original
  • You have to be honest to her

Good luck.

If any of this was new information, you’ll need it…

Here’s the list in Spanish.