Check the following list of what are supposed to be arguments as to why all the media attention for the wedding of royalty is justified. It’s sort of trending right now among royalists. Those people who have a functioning time machine in their garage and are not familiar with truly democratic principles. What’s in brackets was added by us.

Volunteered for 2 tours of Afghanistan. (By this they refer to Harry, not his wife)

•Set up Invictus games helping wounded service personal (yes, ‘personal’, Royalists may think spelling is too modern).

° Numerous unpaid charity volunteer appointments all over the world. (To show up and shake hands and smile in front of the camera… brutal line of work…)

•Family brings in 400 million a year in private revenue that under the “ sovereign act 2011” the government keeps £360 million of. (Would really have to check this…)

•Family brings in £1.8 billion per year in tourism. (The only point I suppose is true and ‘positive’, although it’s scary to think relics from feudalism appeal to tourists… These people are only where they are because they were born into it. They didn’t do anything at all to be the symbols of a nation… And the amount of money mentioned? How do they calculate this?)

•Country better off by £2.1 billion a year. (Again, how did they calculate this?)

Remind me how the wedding is waste of tax payers money ?

° The wedding is paid for by the Royal heritage and private funding not the tax payer and that includes her dress!

° The tax payer will pay for the public security not private security. The same way the tax payer pays for public security at football matches etc.


Dont be a zombie and believe everything you see and read on the Internet, do a little research before sharing propaganda. Like it or not, the Royal family is a British tradition and icon.

Let’s not forget that most the twats complain about spending tax payers money are the ones who sit and sign for that money every Wednesday or daft liberals who haven’t got a clue about reality.

Shared from another source..

Our thoughts upon reading this list

We’re not sure if the other points on this list are true, I would have to check as you advice us, but the point about him going to Afghanistan to support the UK’s imperialist, profit driven wars, is certainly not going to make us a fan of Harry, quite the contrary. It must take so much courage to be a VIP in one of the most professional and best equipped armies in the world fighting basically a stone age civilization armed with some leftover machine guns here and there.

Congratulations on letting the heroine trade flourish once again. The production of heroine is about the only thing that flourished there after the west’s senseless invasion. ‘Shared from an other source’, oh, then it must definitely be true, you’ve named a very credible source, o, no, you didn’t.

One of the most disturbing trends in recent years is how people throw around ‘facts’ that are not facts at all.

Harry and his new bride may be wonderful people, I don’t know them. They may also be shape-shifting reptillians as David Icke keeps claiming (I wonder what he thinks of Meghan though), I doubt it very much, but ok, that’s not the point.

The point is that we do not need a Royal Family, we do not need to keep these people around purely based on their genes, their royal blood. There’s nothing democratic about it. It’s also rather unfair towards the members of this family. What if they hate being in the public eye? What if they hate it that they can’t speak their own mind? (because they can’t).

I’m sure it does attract tourism though, and that it generates all sorts of merchandising. People are fascinated by Royals. I don’t know why, but fine.

What I find most disgusting is that the UK is undergoing harsh austerity measures, while there’s plenty of cash around to make this wedding into a huge thing. I find the luxury of this wedding hard to fit into a politically dominant narrative of how working people, plus services such education, healthcare, fire fighters, etc need to make do with less…

I’m not yelling ‘off with their heads’, but they could gradually be fazed out.

This might negatively influence tourism in the UK.

I hope the UK hasn’t shipped so many of its manufacturing jobs to countries with populations who will work for starvation wages that it now needs tourism to keep afloat…

Hmm, it probably does…

This website did a thorough check on this information and concludes it’s false.