Stella McNab, ever the free thinking, socially aware, spirit suggests the following:

‘Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Great to feel the love from the loin fruits for sure. We do get alot of gifts we don’t really need. How about a national Homeless Day? Just a thought. We could all donate to people in need? People who would genuinely appreciate socks. For the cost of a shitty hallmark card we could do something useful. Tell our lil ones to make us a home made card. They are so much lovelier in any case. Tell them why. Foster philanthropy and a whole host of positivity…’

A step further would be to eradicate poverty all together, if we would finally tackle the astronomical gap between the superrich and the rest of us.

HUD [US department of housing and urban development] estimates there are roughly half a million homeless people in the United States on any given night, in a country that is estimated to have roughly 18 million empty homes in it.

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