Hamas is not to be blame for murdering them, it’s not Hamas behind the trigger, it’s Israelis. No idea how these people can sleep at night, since they are blowing away children. Children. Only possible because Israel and the western media systematically dehumanize Palestinians.

And OF COURSE the White House blames this on Palestinians. Hell, the White House blames Palestinians for being born.

In Israel and America’s view the Palestinians have ONE right and that is to finally have the decency to just die, but not in front of any cameras, and only because, you know, they are Palestinians, they are morbid, they actually loooove dying.

This downplaying of Israel’s crimes is one of the sickest trends in the mainstream media.

This world will never be a safe haven for all humans as long as the world stands by and lets Israel get away with the systematic oppression, abuse and murder of Palestinians. It’s high time the international community invests heavily in ending the violence over there.

They are eager enough to blame other ‘regimes’ for so called ‘human rights’, but never Israel.

Because you know, you’re an anti-semite and a nazi if you ever utter even one critical word about Israel.

The only nazi behaviour in this completely lop-sized conflict is coming from the Israeli side.

Luckily there’s a growing movement in Israel itself that no longer accepts these crimes.

Not every Israeli sees Palestinians as Untermenschen.