On October 9th, 2013, Michael Scheuer, a professor and author with over 20 years of experience working for the CIA tells the US Congress:

‘I would dump the Israelis tomorrow’.

Needless to say that the politicians who heard this reacted shocked.

US support to Israel is a holy cow. You have to accept it unquestionably.

Insane amounts of tax dollars are pumped into this tiny artificial nation that not only terrorizes the Palestinians, but also continues to threaten Iran, helps to needlessly protract the proxy war in Syria and has a strategy that is centered on destabilizing the region. The US contributes to this state of affair by actively supporting the most backward, repressive and dictatorial regimes, as long as these guarantee low oil prices, buy American weapons and don’t bother Israel.

The country that likes to repeat it stands for freedom loses all credibility when its elected officials are best friends with murderous regimes. The US only bombs countries when their leader do not toe the Washington line. Their interventions have nothing to do with any concern over human rights, as must be clear from its warm support to Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Israel. Saudi-Arabia is waging a vicious war in Yemen.

Israel cultivates a culture of hatred towards Palestinians and also despises black Israelis. It’s a deeply racist, deeply hierarchical country, in Israel a white jew is worth more than a black jew. There’s plenty of documentation to prove this point. Utterly shocking are videos made by the courageous journalist Abby Martin. I have been to Israel myself and have seen with my own eyes what utter contempt Israelis have for Palestinians. On the other hand I met only a handful of Palestinians who expressed hatred towards Israel, the vast majority were simply shocked that Israelis could be so full of hate, but they did recognize that it’s the government, the elite, that deliberately creates and maintains a culture of hate.

Michael Scheuer points out how desastrous US foreign policy has been over the years, but the politicians stick to their guns of course. US officials are incapable of ever accepting any blame or any wrong doing on their part.

The US will continue to spend astronomical amounts of money on defense. It will continue to neglect its own infrastructure, its moneyed elite will continue to hide in gated communities, and US society will continue to fall apart in two groups, the superwealthy and the increasingly stressed, anxious and impoverished. So far this system has failed to fall apart, because US propaganda has been very succesful in convincing poor and middle class Americans that the US is an equal society, that people are free, and that anyone who works hard can become rich. The US still hypnotizes the working poor with the American dream. You can make it from rags to riches… This has created a political alliance of those who own everything and those who have not, but who aspire to one day become rich.

Of course, as George Carlin put it: ‘It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it’

As long as they don’t take the video down you can watch Michael Scheuer face increasingly shocked politicians here.