You know what they say. Once you go Slovak you never go back.

And there are good reasons for this:

  • They are incredibly loyal
  • They will tolerate many things
  • Guys really have to completely ruin the connection before they will give up on their man
  • They work hard
  • They are great home makers
  • They are cheerful and fun-loving
  • Although traditional in many ways, and certainly not a fan of polygamy or threesomes, they will do pretty much anything in bed once they love a guy
  • They are beautiful
  • Even if the less physically fortunate have such a strong feminine charm that they almost all of them are attractive
  • They don’t go crazy with money, they aren’t spendthrifts
  • They need only normal things to be happy, they aren’t all that materialistic and tend to derive their happiness from their relationships, family, friends, work, home, hobbies
  • Most of them enjoy cooking and baking
  • They love fun
  • They are extremely family oriented and a relationship is usually all about having babies and raising children
  • They tend to leave mind games aside and tend to easily voice what they want
  • They are rather dominant and have clear expectations, but are rarely the jealous type, nor are they aggressive
  • Some of those with poor unbringing could be verbally violent, but these tend to be the exceptions
  • Especially the women in Bratislava are constantly trying to learn new things and to improve their situation. Only those with a strong village mentality or those who are heavily influenced by their non-ambitious parents will not constantly try to show initiative
  • They often love unconditionally
  • They push you to grow
  • They don’t complain and are not high maintenance
  • They are traditional which comes with the advantage that they have clear expectations which makes it easier to do what makes them happy
  • They have an irresistible feminine charm that keeps a guy longing for them
  • You’d have to be a particularly selfish douchebag to wreck a relationship with a Slovak woman that has chosen you