John often turned to Vicente for help. Vicente was a guy from Latin-America, who had permantly moved to Slovakia to take care of his two kids. He was as responsible as a father as he was relentless as a womanizer.

This is the email John read while riding the rails to work on the Monday after his second date with O and the difficult, parodoxical Saturday night with Z. Sunday had been tense between the two of them. Both trying to focus on work, and Z criticizing John for his sudden reflex to play romantic music.


I’ve given your problem some more thought. I know a lot of guys who would kill to be with a woman like Z, I mean, she’s a knock-out, what a body, but of course, I can sort of see the appeal of O.

Here’s what to do, be a Latino macho about it!

Get them both pregnant at the same time.

Ok, at first everyone is going to be outraged, sure, but as soon as the babies arrive all will be forgiven, because all the attention gets shifted to those new-born cuties.

Extra advantage: we can go and ‘kocikovat’ – push prams – with those kids, babies are chick magnets, compai!

By the way, I’ve managed to penetrate my latest target a couple of times. I got only half hard from stress and she didn’t really get into it, but it’s progress!

I came inside her, so maybe we’ll have three babies soon!

Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, but I didn’t actually come inside her, I pulled out, but some was in. She got really mad at me and panicked, and she didn’t speak to me for two days. She’s hoping to get her period.

Man, the asssss this girl has!

Well, gotta go, going for a beer with my son.

He plays the accordeon and uses it to seduce chicks! Ha! Fun!

Un abrazo,


John raised his eye brows. The weird thing was that Vincente was being serious.

John liked Vincente’s energy and latino vibe, and his persistence, at least when it came to women, but he was no help in any practical terms. His family in law would never understand, and John loved his family in law. Not to mention that he’d always pictured himself as the kind of guy that would be there for his children, like his father had been for him.

He just didn’t think fatherhood should make him monogamous.

He took after his grandfather in this. Polygamy had skipped a generation in his family.