With the above comment Mark Zuckerberg can rightfully shrug off a lot of criticism.

It’s very easy to criticize the guy, but what’s behind it?

How many people don’t dream about doing something similar? Creating something that millions of people WILLINGLY use every day, and yes, growing into an international begemoth and raking in tons of cash?

A lot of us.

I dislike certain things about Facebook, I hate the fact that they prefer pro-Israeli news, and have made a deal with the Israeli government to shut down pro-Palestine pages… That’s a hard one to stomach for me, and it’s unacceptable.

Other than that I pretty much don’t care they sell the information I myself supplied them with to companies. I don’t care. I use an add blocker and rarely see commericals, if I do see them I click away. I know many people say this, but I’m pretty immune to commercials and advertisement, I haven’t changed my spending pattern, well, ever… I almost don’t buy anything, rarely try any new products, don’t care about any brands, you can’t sell holidays to me as I hate traveling, I don’t care for luxury, I have healthy hair because I never used any hair products. You can’t sell shit to me, cause I don’t care. I carefully track what we spend and I can honestly say I easily survive on 500 euro/600 dollars a month and I truly feel like I live in a lavish fashion. I just don’t need stuff and I live better than any Egyptian Pharaoh.

What else are they going to do with my data? Send me a birthday card? Fine. Discover that I support equal rights for Palestinians and the peaceful and entirely democratic unification of Israel and Palestine in which jews, muslims and christians and people of any creed live peacefully together? Oh no! Please don’t let them discover that.

In the future, in the worst case scenario, they might throw my ass in jail for ridiculing and exposing the hypocrisy of the US, UK, France and Saudi-Arabia. Or for believing we need to evolve into an economy of sharing and solidarity, a first step being heavily taxing the rich in every corner of the world, death to tax havens. They might even execute me for my beliefs which are stored in minute detail in Facebook’s data vault. So be it. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. The whole world can know what I think. I don’t care.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a little prick for calling his early users ‘dumb fucks’ for supplying him with their data? Maybe. Honestly, the guy was 19 at the time, I think. I wouldn’t want to read typed out conversations I had when I was 19. They might make Trump blush…

Personally I have little problems with Facebook (except for its political bias and the way it does suppress alternative news, I hate that about them), it’s a free service, anyone can know everything about me anyway – once in a while I like femdom sex with my female partners, big deal. I wish I was ten centimeter taller. I get angry when discussing topics such as Palestine. I hate cars. I get tears in my eyes thinking about the American Civil War. I’ve been suicidal half of my life. I love cunnilingus. So?