The selfhelp giant said, among other eye brow raising things, that women who speak up about what they’ve been through try ‘to make themselves feel significant by making somebody else wrong’.

Nanine McCool couldn’t stand to listen to that and said that he was doing the movement a huge disservice.

Tony didn’t back down and in a disturbing way he then approaches her and pushes her backwards. Talking down to her, cutting her off and going on to say that he’s worked with lots of guys who didn’t hire women because they were too attractive. Even if they are the most qualified for the job.

Say what?

He thinks it’s ok to not hire a woman because she’ll cause trouble with her good looks?

What’s next? Is he going to defend sharia law and the mandatory wearing of a burqa?

Tony’s selfhelp stuff has certainly some merit. His morning primer, the power of decisions, thoughts on strategy, the way he explains how we are driven by a hierarchy in our move towards and move away values, the six human needs, etc, all useful insights. But his bombastic life events seem more about energizing people for about the duration of the seminar with lots of loud antics, kinda like a pop show à la Britney Spears.

All harmless, but to say that women who have been sexually abused are trying to feel significant by saying someone else is wrong? Of course it’s wrong to sexually abuse anyone!!!

This is not the first time he patronizes a movement that advocates for positive changes. He used to dislike the occupy movement. He said that yes, the economy was in shambles, but that protesting wasn’t going to solve anything. Meaning: they should go to his seminars and do all they can and accumulate massive individual wealth. Because Tony sells the idea that everyone can be a millionaire. This of course ignores the fact that to allow for the accumulation of massive individual wealth lots of people need to earn less than the wealth they are producing. A mechanism that – so far- can only be countered by taxing the rich and redistributing wealth, since trickle down economics is a scam, and if you let the economy alone, you get the matthew effect, money will flow to the top, with only some exceptions here and there of poor people becoming rich, through exceptional efforts or slick behavior or dumb luck. Some people do hit upon a great idea and become rich, which is totally great, but those are rare cases.

Friendly reminder: if you were sexually abused and want to share your story and accuse your abuser, do so, do so, do so. There’s nothing wrong about exposing the wrong.

You can watch the brave woman confront the intimidating, charismatic giant here.

Oh, and Tony’s legal team has tried to keep this incident quiet.