I want to devote more time to finishing a novel and getting several non-fiction manuscripts I have lying around published, so I want to do less short blog posts about seemingly random and unconnected topics or what I see as fringe issues.

These are the top five for me, and I can do very little about these issues, as I am not celebrity and am not rich either, so blogging about these issues is very ineffective and not the best use of my time…

Therefore I would just like to sum up the two most important issues for, so everybody who wants to, can find out what I find important, without having to blog about details concerning these issues every day.

1. Taxing the superrich and -possibly- giving everyone a Universal Basic Income

This involves a global approach. We would tax all the superrich, so only the very wealthy more than we do know. We would also close tax loopholes for the rich and shut down tax havens worldwide. The money gained would be used in education, healthcare, economic stimulation for small businesses and starting entrepreneurs.

At least food, basic education and housing should be provided for everyone on this planet.

The rich will always be rich, some taxing won’t hurt them. This is to counter the so called Matthew effect that we, today, don’t do anything about, but only encourage. The rich growing richer is the societal cancer that can destroy us all one day.

2. Large scale demilitarisation

Come on, we are one big family, the world’s become a village. I don’t want to kill anyone, and there’s no people or nation I want to see attacked. Let’s demilitarize rapidly. All the money that goes into the military industrial complex can be used so, so much better. The only reason we have wars is that the superwealthy benfit from wars. Spending the money that goes to weapons on quality education would also make it much less likely that people would get it into their heads to want to kill other people based on their religion or race or other stuff that we think divides us. I think there’s far more that unites us than divides us. The driving force behind divisions is the interest of the ruling, moneyed class. There’s nothing we can’t solve by talking, if it weren’t for the greed of the moneyed elite. We live in a matrix in which the super wealthy thrive on the fear of all of us… We should do all we can to make our politicians invest less in armements. The world is currently locked in an arms race, in which countries like Russia and Iran, for example, are being demonized, so everyone keeps being weapons. Who benefits? A tiny fraction of the population. The human cost of this weaponry craze is horrific.

I feel like our progress, well-being and our survival depend on how we will deal with these two issues, which perhaps is only one issue: the absurd inequality we see in the world today, with the superwealthy controlling politics and decision-making and the rest of us having very little power to change anything unless we unite. But who has time to be an activist these days? We’re all running in the treadmill that keeps the current system going to make some money, get a mortgage, get two cars, and afford some holidays to escape from it all, from time to time.

I know nobody reads these kind of blog posts, so I’m looking for something more useful to devote my time to….