If CNN headlines that Assad ‘may’ win the war, then you can count on it that Assad has already won and that the US concedes defeat.

The US has done everything it can to topple Syria, except for sending in 500,000 pairs of ‘boots on the ground’ or a quarter million of ground soldiers.

It has failed to drive away Assad. It succeeded in Libya and Serbia, in Allende’s Chile, in Mossadegh’s Iran and in many other countries, but in Syria it has failed.

It has failed to destroy an ally of Iran. It has failed to make the Russians lose an important naval base in the region and it has failed to destroy the weapons suppy link over Syria between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran, which the boss of America (Israel) does not like at all.

The US has failed in Syria.

But they, that’s ok, because the country is destroyed anyway.

It’s the same excuse as with Vietnam. Okay, we lost the war in Vietnam, you could say, but how did we leave it? Bombed to smithereens and with over 2 million dead Vietnamse bodies (a conservative estimate).

Yes, Syria has bled, but it’s not destroyed. It now has a veteran army that has fought a very complicated war for almost a decade, it poses a greater threat to Israel than ever before. If Israel had any thoughts of provoking a war with Syria it will surely think twice, because Israel can’t even defeat Hezbollah.

What the US and its ally Saudi-Arabia have tried to accomplish in Syria has blown up in their face.

Russia has asserted itself. Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia have cooperated.

And now Turkey is deeply alarmed by the growing autonomy of the Kurds along its Syrian border.

When will the US learn? Stop meddling in other countries’ internal business.