Just being handsome just isn’t going to cut it. Women are not attracted to men just because of their looks. It can give you a big bonus, but only if you have other qualities that are much valuable to them. If you lack those qualities you can be the most handsome dude in the world and they will never go out with you.

So perhaps:

  • Depression is reeking from your every pore. Women don’t go for guys who are not happy about their life and can’t hide this fact from them
  • Maybe you are extremely shy
  • Maybe you have terrible hygiene
  • You have no real calling in life
  • Maybe you’re a total slacker and don’t have a real job. Politically incorrect statement following: if you are a total bum it’s very likely women won’t be interested. Making a decent amount of money is usually a basic requirement. You’d have to be more than just handsome to compensate for this
  • You don’t listen
  • You suck up to them
  • You try to move to fast
  • You write them romantic poetry before you’ve taken her doggy-style (A big no no… Never write romantic poetry before you have shown her every corner of the bedroom)
  • You brag all the time
  • You’re spineless
  • You’re scared of women
  • You think that to seduce a woman you have to be their friend first
  • You think you can talk a woman into a relationship with you using logic
  • You never make a real move
  • You talk too much
  • You say violent things, concerning racism, minorities, etc
  • You have no passion in life
  • You suck up to people around you
  • You’re not true to yourself (women can smell that miles away)
  • You’re easily intimidated
  • You haven’t learned to break through ‘bitch shields’ in the first conversation with a woman
  • You try to impress them
  • A real attraction killer: You are very low on the social, hierarchical ladder
  • You have no sense of humor
  • You fail to make women feel feminine
  • Women don’t feel safe around you
  • You think being their servant is going to endear you to them
  • You’re looking for dating advice on Quora
  • You’re not genuinely curious about her
  • You fail to make her relax and open up to you
  • You don’t know how to be a hot ape :: The science of flirting :: How to be a Hot Ape
  • You refuse to read articles on How to seduce women
  • When you talk to a woman you don’t give her the feeling she’s the most wonderful, most sexy, most fascinating human being who ever lived

All these things will totally destroy the advantage of having good looks…