#GiveElsaAGirlfriend is a real thing. It’s a hashtag on Twitter. There are people ‘campaigning’ from behind their digital screens to have the first openly lesbian fairy tale character.

Disney is usually very conservative, disney characters can hook up with any living entity, as long as it’s clear that the relationship is heterosexual. So it’s unlikely conservative Disney will treat us to drawn scissor sisters, but who knows? If they think a profit can be made, they just might.

I’m all for it, personally. In part because I’m tired of the expression ‘to come out of the closet’. It would be nice to hear the expression ‘he’s defrosted’, or ‘he came out of the freezer’, he’s openly gay now. Would be a nice change. Funny by the way: ‘warm’ is slang for ‘gay’ in Slovak.

My wife who works in a kindergarten says I have no idea what I’m saying. All girls want to be exactly like Elsa. Odd, says my wife, because she’s not the most pleasant character, she’s selfish and egocentric. I haven’t seen the movie myself, but in this narcsissistic age, it wouldn’t surprise me if this Elsa character is all about ‘me, me, me, meeeee!!!!’ And she looks like our current beauty standard. And the women I know who most closely resemble this mainstream beauty standard do have frozen facial features, so who knows? If any student in cultural studies is looking for a gold mine of a thesis, I think this Frozen thing might be a good option.

Anyway, that’s not the point. My wife for once agrees with Vladimir Putin and would likely label a dike Frozen 2 as gay propaganda, which would mess with the minds of young kids. I’ve heard similar opinions from others.

I was thinking this: as a 6 year old child my favorite movies were The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, along with Dances with Wolves. (For those who know me, yes, both movies have American Civil War scenes)

Now imagine that Sungmanitutankaobwazhi (Dances with wolves) would have fallen in love with a male indian. Would that have messed up my mind? I can’t tell for sure, but I’m guessing that as a 6-year old kid I would still have been more shocked by what I saw as senseless violence and mindless, profit driven discrimination than by any gayness. A good friend of my grandma was openly and obviously gay. I remember thinking that even his name sounded a bit unmasculine. Armand. But I thought he was a nice guy and an interesting personality, because he was different. At no point did this existence of gay people prevent me from obsessing about how to kiss Jessica Pedregossa and chasing her and other girls -monogamy was never my forte- around the playground.

Is Elsa gay?

I hope so.

Many people will disagree, but I very much doubt it will make any girl ‘gay’. Although some might pretend to be for a little while, acting the Elsa part, but still, this wouldn’t make them gay.

Let it thaw, let it thaw.