How deep can a nation sink into the spiritually vapid quagmire?

I have been a teacher in Belgium and in Slovakia and i’ve volunteered to work with kids in Bosnia, I have taught kids from many different cultural backgrounds, including refugees from war zones like Afghanistan, Chechnya and Gaza.

At no point did I feel the slightest impulse to fear for my life or for the life of the teenagers in front of me. I never saw a gun, not even a knife in a classroom or even a school playground.

What has the US become?

Is this the comeback of the Wild West, guns blazing, horses charging, desperados whooping?

Arming teachers?

How can the US still be labeled a developed nation?

The US has become a third world nation which happens to have the world’s most advanced army. Its current global domination is based on… guns. It’s quickly running out of the credit it built up thanks to the myth that the US defeated the Nazi’s thanks to D-day (ha!), when the Soviets were already destroying the largest and most dangerous concentration of Germans in the East.

The US empire is circling the drain.

It’s at war with itself.

The result of the vanishing of any other values than ‘America first’, ‘winner takes all’, ‘greed is good’.

Its extreme wealth equality is the real root cause of this violence, along with the availability of guns, its macho culture, its triggerhappy ‘tough guy’ mentality and its showbusiness virus that equals a person’s worth to that person’s net worth in dollars. It has a booming prison population, severe racial tensions, a superiority complex that’s shooting them in their own foot and a history filled with violence and killing anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

And now they are considering arming their teachers… A profession that’s looked down upon and has lost all authority, since in the US the only authority that matters is money. Funny that a society that has spit out its teachers is now about to turn them into armed guards.

If the US were a company right now would be a great time to dump your shares.