It’s supposed to be the story of a passionate relationship.

It’s a tedious movie, with characters that don’t really have much going for them to immortalize themselves in the heart of the viewer.

It has lame and uninspired sex scenes.

You’re supposed to be sad here and there, but you aren’t.

The best it has to offer is the conversation between father and son near the end.

It can’t hold a candle to movies with similar themes such as Blue is the warmest color or Brokeback mountain.

The good

– it will definitely give you the feeling you can write a better story than this

– if you had it on your laptop, it will free up about 1,7 gigabyte

– we support anything that can help everyone accept homosexuality as something completely normal. We don’t give a rat’s ass about what’s between your lover’s legs.

– the longing and the desire of the boy is portayed well enough, but it can’t compare to the intensity of Blue is the warmest color

– at least there aren’t any characters -at least none that appear on the screen- that hate gays

– after watching this movie you will have a new appreciation for your own life, it’s really a lot more exciting than this story

The bad

– Apart from the conversation between father and son, is there really anyone who seriously thinks this is an original movie?

– Don’t expect to get turned out by the sex scenes, we’ve seen pigeons fuck in more arousing ways

– it’s bloody lazy writing

– no witty dialogues to compensate for the lack of dialogue

– we never get tired of romantic movies, clearly, but if you’re going to make yet an other one, at least TRY to make it more profound

The ugly

I suspect the director was very afraid of showing raw gay sex, because it could potentially shock lots of folks

You could come to seriously disturbing conclusions about our society if you were to compare the steaming sex scene of Blue is the warmest color between two young girls, and the tame playing around of these two young boys. Apparently we were ready to see two girls fuck each other’s brains out, but weren’t ready to see two guys fuck each other to pieces.

Could it be that this movie gets praise not because it’s a good movie, but because people confuse criticizing this movie for its lameness for an attack on homosexuality?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s lead the way.

Hurray for homosexuals, I love them, all of them, I wish all guys were gay so all women would have to at least consider sleeping with me. And hurray for bisexuals, I wish I was bisexual I would raise my opportunity for sex with factor two or more.

But this movie?

This movie got so on my nerves with its summery nothingness that it made me scream for more of

– Before sunrise

– Brokeback mountain

– Blue is the warmest color

– The talented Mr Ripley ( set in Italy, with Matt Damon also intensely longing for a male friend)

And so many others….

Even movies like The Notebook or even The Vow are infinitely better.

Insecure writers, please watch this movie, you’ll never have an other excuse not to write a book, movie script or play.