We all know how few people are willing to stand up for something they believe in. We all know that almost nobody will jump up and defend someone who’s being beaten up. We all know that most of us won’t lift a finger if they see a homeless person collapsed on the street.

But what does seem to give people the instant courage to give people a piece of their mind?

A woman feeding her baby in the most natural way possible.

Just look at the video with the unfortunate title  ‘Sexy vs Breastfeeding in Public (Social Experiment, below this post.

‘Disgusting’ is the recurring word here apparently.

I bet the same people who you see call what this woman does disgusting, go home and watch a woman being fucked in every orifice by a monstercock after which she has to let the sperm run from her rectum in a cup and drink it.

How did we get to finding a breastfeeding woman ‘disgusting’ and so many other daily things as not disgusting at all?

Some disgusting things:

  • some people who have suddenly become rich, can’t handle it, and want the whole world to know that they are not poor anymore by making condescending remarks to everyone they meet
  • Israel locking up thousands of Palestinian teenagers
  • Dirty water killing 5,000 children EVERY DAY
  • porn stars telling the girl they have just cummed on to stay out of their way until she’s taken a shower, because she’s disgusting
  • the disturbing amount of porn videos with ‘step-daughter’, ‘daughter’, ‘mum’, ‘step-mum’ in the title
  • Smiling to someone’s face and making fun of them behind their back
  • People landing high positions for no other reason than being born into an influential family
  • corruption
  • US troops in Syria trying to divide the country, since they’ve failed to take the entire coutnry from Assad
  • The US – a freedom loving ‘democracy’- making love to Saudi-Arabia while its bombing and starving Yemen
  • Telling a woman not to feed her child because you may see part of her breast if you focus on it, and drueling over some other woman’s breasts a minute later

A woman reacting to the most fundamental natural need of her newly born child?

Not disgusting.

If people could be as outraged about wars as they are about certain female nipples, we would have nothing but peace on this earth.