Men in France could be fined €350 (US$435) if they follow women in the street, whistle at them, make loud comments about their appearance or ask for their phone numbers, according to a draft proposal to combat “sexual contempt.”

The new report will be presented to the French government in the coming days. The plans come from a parliamentary working group set up by France’s secretary of state for equality, Marlene Schiappa. The politicians behind the proposal suggest that men who “violate women’s freedom of movement in public space” should face a minimum fine of €90 for those who can pay on the spot. If the fine is delayed, it could reach €350, the report says. (source,

If you know French you can read more about it here:

Yes, whisting and cat-calling are obnoxious forms of behaviour by men who have absolutely no idea how to communicate to women OR -worse- WISH to annoy them.

In the picture above you see James Marshall, one of the best self-trained womanisers in the world. So if this dude goes to France he now risks a fine for what he does.

I’m guessing a lot of women would agree, as they find all this approaching on the street with a clear intent in mind not spontaneous. For women the whole mating process needs to be spontaneous, because they don’t have to do anything anyway, they think, just doll up and hope that -spontaneously- some hot shot guy will approach them.

A confusing dilemma that women face is this:

Yes, they LOOOOOOOVE attention from men, they’re bloody addicted to it, BUT, they ONLY want to get the attention of the 15 percent (and that’s being generous) of men that they find attractive. It will always only be a minority of men that will be attractive to women, because it’s a competitive game, you have top dogs and lots of unattractive chumps, because women most of all want the men that have the most social influence and show signs of that (height, muscles, clothes, confidence, money, power, other people who look up to them, anything that points to social influence, that’s why it’s so hard to really pinpoint what women find attractive because social influence can be translated into so many different things), this is of course only possible for a minority. For some to win, many need to lose.

So they doll up and wiggle around in their uncomfortable high heels that make their legs look like they are ready to be penetrated (yes, that’s what high heels do, apart from making them a little taller, since they prefer tall men) and they hope, never out loud of course, because women are asexual saints who are lured into the debauchery of sex by evil men -well, beasts, to be completely honest- who can’t control themselves.

Unfortunately this is a very poor strategy if you don’t want to be bothered by the 85 percent of men who women rate as utterly disgusting from the moment they show any signs of having any sort of sexual desires. Of course they do get the attention from some of those, and that’s NOT what they want, that’s just disgust the make-up right off their faces. Come on.

It’s an even worse strategy if you realize that those 15 percent top dogs are less likely to approach women than their socially irrelevant fellow men, because hey, they don’t need to.

Women do get very active on the hormonal hunting grounds when they are near one of those 15 percent big catches, so these guys don’t need to approach that many women to hook up, they get attention from women everywhere they go! It’s the Matthew effect on the seduction scene. Winner takes all. Fortunately we have monogamy, so in the end, most people do get to find (settle for) a partner, at least for a while.

So it becomes highly likely that women will be approached by exactly the men they do NOT ever want to be approached by. Sure, if one of those sub-class males politely approaches it gives them a little ego boost, but it’s really not what they’re after, they want the big catches to take note and the sub-standard majority would be so great if they could just go and join some self-castrating sect and leave them alone and not steal their time they could be devoting to the upper elechons of male attractiveness or some other more interesting pursuit.

Some of the men in the 85 percent loser percentile do KNOW they have no chance with hot women. On the other side of the play-yard the same artithmetic is taking place of course, most men are on the look-out for perhaps 25 percent of the women out there. They will settle for women who are in their league if they have to, but, you know, their fantasies are still rampant orgies with women in the top ten percentile, or at least the top 25.

Every day those unlucky suckers have to see those hot ladies tramp by in their boots and skirts with their royal bearing and their attitude that shows they KNOW their market value is high, too high for them, lowly plebians. Most men will let it rest. They will give up. They will get one strong arm and many sticky laptops. They will accept that the sordid imagery in their heads will stay there and will never materialize and they are kind enough to leave women completely alone, in fact, they are a little scared of women, because these desired creatures have ordained that they are human waste material, just fit enough to perform certain tasks in this world to make the lives of the pretty people even easier.

Some men in the frustrated chump team do not accept their fate and harass women, some mildly, but annoyingly enough, and some go even further and cross clear borders and start touching or in the worst case raping women. Especially if these sexually insecure males get to be powerful and still are not allowed into the 15 percent club, they can get very vicious, because now they are entitled, now they feel their power should give them a spot at the hot shot table, but some men are soooo unattractive, through their looks, or through their bad manners, that even status or power will not make them sexually attractive to women, and these kind of men have a chance of developing into predators, also facturing in their upbringing, environment, culture, personality, etc, of course.

And so the misunderstandings and clashing needs between men and women continue. With in the not so distant future quite a few men turning to sex robots and avoiding contact with all women as much as possible. And possibly in the future men will get some financial bonus if they opt for voluntary chemical castration, in the current climate that’s not so outlandish to assume.

If we would ever be fair and just towards both sexes, you would definitely get fined if you whistled at a woman or stopped her in her tracks on the way to work to bug her, BUT you would also get fined if you were a woman and went to your office job dressed up like some porn star. O no, we’ve said it! Now we are women haters, right? We are doing victim blaming right? No, we are looking for conditions in which there would be far less victims, both on the female side and the male side of this primitive struggle.