While presenting Meryl Streep with the best actress honour at the National Board of Review ceremony which took place on the 10th of January 2018, Robert De Niro sounds off on “idiot” Donald Trump, taking several digs at the president. He calls him the baby in chief, a fucking idiot, etc.

In America and also Canada they are uploading the video of De Niro’s speech and putting those annoying ‘beebs’ where he uses the FUCK-word. This is one example of the hypocrisy of US culture, that has the biggest porn and entertainment industry in the world, full of violence and horror, but the F-word? Ow god, no.

Anyway, to call someone an idiot is a lame insult, but on the whole, it’s good that someone like De Niro spits out his opinion on a man who in a morally healthy society would never have been the president…

But, it’s not really Donald Trump’s fault, the US superrich have been funding propaganda campaigns to make Americans vote for their own executioners for decades, and they have successfully distracted a huge part of the public to misinterpret their own interests… It’s the Roman political principle of ‘panem et circenses’, and Trump is just the right clown for the job.

Emotionally the rant is a nice boost to the resistance against Trump, but tactically it’s not that smart. If you want to change the world, talk about the people you are FOR, instead of calling your opponents ‘idiots’, because, there really is no such thing as bad publicity, this will make Trump stronger at home, although it can make some De Niro fans a bit more aware of what’s going in the US.

You can watch the -still rather tame- rant here, beeps and all: