This article is dedicated to Jan Pišta, a psychologist with a huge passion for helping people thrive in all areas of life.

Before we go on, here’s a quick reminder of what we understand by the concept of ‘ikigai’

Number 2 and 10 are our personal favorites.


And truly commit to your biggest dream in 2018!

  1. Be fearless, Jonathan Alpert
    be fearless.jpg

    The author, is featured in the mindblowing documentary Inside Job, as a psychologist with lots of experience in working with derailed Wallstreet bankers. In this book he helps you get past your fear, focus on positive outcomes and not on what can go wrong. It’s a strong manifesto to embrace what you love in life, and to let go of limiting worries. Get it here.

  2. The one thing, The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, Gary Keller

    This book is pretty straightforward. It asks the essential question: what is the one thing you can do that would make everything else easier? So often we try ten things at the same time to build a better life for ourselves, but is that really such a good strategy? What if we would fully commit to the one thing that can give us the best results? Wouldn’t that be a much more effective strategy? We certainly think so. Do less, but do ONE THING better and with a whole lot more progress! The chance that you will succeed is much bigger, and when you have one big success behind you, you can build from there. Makes sense doesn’t it? Get it here.

  3. Awaken the giant within, How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!, Anthony Robbins
    anthony robbins
    Think of Anthony Robbins what you want, yes, he seems to have fallen in a kettle of magic potion when he was a child making him a raging motivation maniac at times, but this book is packed with advice that will change your perspective. So much of the negativity and the blocks we spot in our lives don’t really exist, we create them in our own mind. In this book Tony also gives you the toolkit to really understand why we make decisions, why we become depressed, and how to untangle ourselves from destructive patterns. A mustread even if you are a bit allergic to Tony’s often bombastic style. Get it here.

  4. The war of art, Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, Steven Pressfield
    the war of art

    No book explains better why we don’t do the things that we claim we WANT to do. This is really an eye-opener. You will understand why you are procrastinating and what the right approach is to finally do the necessary work to make your dream real. Get it here.

  5. Shadow Dance, liberating the power & creativity of your dark side, David Richo

    shadow dance

    Fans of Carl Gustav Jung and Jordan Peterson will love this book. We all have a dark side, we all have a destructive side that creeps up on us from time to time. This book will teach you how to spot what’s going on and how to turn that negative energy towards something good. Get it here.

  6. What about me?, Paul Verhaeghe
    what about me
    It would be absurd to try and fix our own individual lives without getting a clear picture of the world we operate in. We may hate politics and we may not be very interested in economics, but like it or not, these forces do have a huge impact on our lives and shape our belief system and the belief systems of the people around us. Understand yourself and society and then you will have so much more clarity to pick a goal that matters. Get it here.
  7. The talent code, greatness isn’t born, it is grown, Daniel Coyle
    the talent code

    After reading this book you will never be able claim that you quit something because you didn’t have the talent for it. Get it here.

  8. The subtle art of not giving a fvck, a counterintuitive approach to living a good life, Mark Manson
    It’s certainly a lightweight read this one, but it asks at least one vital question: what is the pain you are comfortable with? Like the author had a dream of becoming a rock star, but soon found out that he can’t put up with the pain for learning how to play the guitar. If you can’t take the pain that comes with the dream you need a different dream. Like we at PEP are comfortable with researching, looking for images, taking the criticism, seeing some posts attract always zero readers, struggle with technical hick-ups to present a post as best as possible with our limited understanding of computers, etc. That’s why we post an article every day. We would be incredibly lousy ballet dancers, because we couldn’t take the pain of becoming one… Get it here.
  9. The seven spiritual laws of success, Deepak Chopra

    seven spiritual laws of success

    This is a heart warming appeal to find what you are really good at it, what you are uniquely suited to deliver, to see your gift to the world and to have the courage to go do it. Follow your Dharma. Or Follow your Bliss. It takes courage to go and do what you think is right for you, even though it looks like a financial dead end street, but as many people who have taken the leap can confirm, the universe has a way of aligning itself in our favor from the moment we go and do what we truly stand for. Get it here.

  10. Your one word, the powerful secret to creating a business and life that matter Evan Carmichael

    your one wordThis book makes it so simple. It’s also such a genuine book. If you know Evan’s YouTube channel you know that the guy truly believes that entrepreneurs can fix all of humanity’s problems and he dedicates his life to encouraging entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams. In this book you will look for the one word that defines you. You might think that it’s impossible to define a person in just one word, but Even will convince you otherwise. Your one word holds everything that you stand for within itself and when you discover it you can consciously apply the power of your values to everything that you do. It makes lots and lots of choices suddenly much easier. Need to hire a new employee? Fine, does that person fit with my own word? What’s that person reaction to my one word? Need to decide which city to live in? Ok, which city is best suited to allow me to live in alignment with my one word? And so on and on. From that one word can follow a entire business culture, an entire family tradition, a political party, just about anything that needs a solid ‘why’ to drive it forward. Get it here.

  11. The magic of thinking big, David J. Schwartz

    the magic of thinking big

    What if right this minute you would massively raise your standards? What if you would go out and buy the two best sets of clothing you can afford, not buy any other clothes, but have the benefit of presenting yourself in the best possible light? What if you opted to pay extra and fly first class? You would start meeting different people with higher standards who could turn out to be excellent business partners. Raise your standards. People aren’t lazy, they have lazy goals. If you pick goal it should be so big you are totally excited about it, but it should also scare you. If not, you’re setting the bar too low. This book is full of examples of how thinking bigger can lead you to have much more impact on the people around you. It’s not an appeal to start bragging or be arrogant, it’s an appeal to become the best possible you and to ALLOW yourself to improve. Big time. Get it here.

  12. A new earth, awakening to your life’s purpose and the power of now, Eckhart Tolle
    the power of nowWe humans are equipped with hungry little unvisible things called egos. This book will teach you to not always give in to the cravings of our ego, to let go of it more often, and to embrace the present moment and to fully enjoy it. Because the present moment is all there is. That job interview next week that’s already having you tossing and turning at night. It doesn’t exist yet. There’s only now. Enjoy every moment to the fullest and become more aware of what goes on inside you. Are you worrying over nothing? Then let it go. This book is a strong appeal to recognize what goes on inside you and to know what you really want to do in this moment. Get it here.
  13. Screw it, let’s do it, and Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

    screw it, let's do it
    Richard Branson’s obvious lust for life, to construct and to tackle problems certainly is contagious. Reading these books will convince you that there’s an opportunity in every situation to help people and to make money through offering value to others. A business is just a way to make other people’s lives better. Do that and you will thrive. The book will also convince you that you need very little resources to start something new, as long as you have enthusiasm, a plan and attract the right people to help you. His story is quite remarkable. The lesson is: spot a problem, decide to fix it no matter what, start before you’re ready, have fun doing it, and create an attractive business culture. Also: don’t offer any services or products that you yourself would never use… Get it here.

  1. Man’s search for meaning, Viktor E. Frankl

    man s search for meaning

    This book will teach you that, no matter how awful your situation is, you always have the freedom to interpret what happens, you can always decide how to react you to that situation, and you can find a meaning in what happens to you. In short, you are still the author of your own mind no matter what happens. From the founder of logotherapy. This book is featured on many reading lists and for good reasons. Get it here.

  2. The power of your subconscious mind, Joseph Murphy

    power of your subconscious mind.jpg

    This book is about how we shape our world with our thoughts. In short: we become what we think. Our thoughts attract and repel situations. It sort of has a message similar to the popular book ‘The Secret’, but it’s much better and digs deeper. Get it here.

  3. The charge, the ten human drives that make you feel alive, Brendon Burchard
    the charge.jpg
    See the beauty in others and let it resonate. If you’re in need of nuclear powered positivity boost than this is the book for you. Get it here.


  4. The happiness hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt

    the happiness hypothesis
    This book is so important to understand how people form their opinions. It’s not with their rational minds, but based on their experiences and their emotionally laden identity. A mustread to understand why we are so loyal to a certain statement or opinion and why it’s so hard to change anyone’s opinion on anything and why it’s so hard for others to change our opinion about anything. This book will have you question the very foundations of who you are as a person, where your opinions come from, and what you really want to stand for. It will also help you understand why so many exhanges on social media quickly turn into aggressive shouting matches. If you want to find your purpose, you’d better find. Get it here.

  5. Manhood, Steve Biddulph


    This books explains what the effects are of the poor and usually shallow bonds between fathers and sons in our modern society. It shows what a gaping, yearning hole is left in men who find it hard to deeply connect with other men, because they were never taught how to do that. A must read for both men ánd women to better understand why the male soul is not fully nurtured in our culture and what can be done about it. It gives food for thought when trying to figure out why so many men stay boys and do not become fully developed, communicative, responsible, nurturing men today. Get it here.

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