Project Authenticity or PEP talk as we’ve come to call ourselves, has a school (the Dutch House in Slovakia), but also a Publishing House called Donkichod (named after the iconic figure Don Qui Chote). We are currently working on four translations, three Slovak ones and one Slovenian, and we’ve also published our first book. The authenticity diary. Slovak title: Dennik autentickeho človek.

This week alone we’ve sold 33 copies!

Apparently the book makes an excellent Christmas present.

This success is due to the tireless efforts of Franswa Vergucht and Zuzana Pištova, who keep promoting the book everywhere they go.

The book also has its own Facebook page.

You can still buy a copy for 15 euros and we will ship it for free anywhere in Slovakia.

The English version will appear in 2018.

Simply contact us if you’d like a copy of your own.

Send an email to