A Disney movie. Yes, seriously. If you want to know what women want in a man, watch ‘The beauty and the beast’.

Women do not want an innocent nice guy. They want a guy with the potential to switch to ‘beast mode’ when it’s necessary.

They want a man they can try to tame. If they succeed in taming him, they will either become nasty to him, try to get him into beast mode, or they will simply leave him and trade him for a more beastly guy.

By beast we don’t mean ‘jerk’, we mean a guy with the potential to be dangerous, to stand up for himself, to be loud and clear about what he wants in life, what he will put up with and what he will not put up with.

It’s a deep archetype that this movie taps into.

And it’s certainly not the only one, even vampire movies like Twilight tap into this, so does Fifty shades of grey.

Women do not fall for the ‘wrong’ guys, they fall for the men that evolution has wired them to fall for. A slightly dangerous, powerful man, who will not really cater to their needs, but will have his own priorities and will stand up for himself.

To ignore this about women, is to set yourself up for a single life.

And women should stop beating themselves up for rejecting ‘nice guys’, that’s not how nature works, women will never fall for innocent do gooder nice guys. They will be friends with them, sure, but it’s not what pushes their buttons romantically speaking.