You must have several friends who in the last couple of years have create their own Facebook page, modestly named after themselves, where they suddenly present themselves as a ‘motivational speaker’ or ‘entrepreneur’. Their product? Some sort of mindfulness course, or some talk about motivation and how to ‘free’ yourself or how to become rich or meditation hocus pocus, ‘coaching’, consultancy, or some more fitness advice (at least in that last category you have to train to have the body to have a minimum of credibility…). Basically anything that involves lots of talking and not actually doing any real work.

Most of them have never proven a damn thing, don’t have self-discipline, do not sell a product that anyone outside of their mum or romantic partner has any interest in, and most have binge watched Tony Robbins and other gurus in the field. They have secretely read The Secret and other ‘law of attraction’ books. And, having no interest in an actual job that produces anything – most of those jobs have been outsourced for pennies to extremely low wage countries anyway- they want to make money telling others how to start millionaire companies. The hysterical blind leading the insecure blind.

They are full of energy, almost maniacally so, and they urge you to quit your corporate job and do what they do.

Whatever happens to them?

Only a handful have the marketing genius, determination, charisma and natural flair to actually sell air.

Yes, the ones with the most charismatic appeal do find ambitious, but lazy people who think listening to some guru will get them a damn step closer to realizing their dreams and will throw their last dollar on these modern day snake oil sellers.

What happens to the rest of them?

Where do all the motivational speakers go to?

Their mum’s basement?

I’m sure they would call it ‘underground motivation brainstorm bunker headquarters and ultimate lifehack center with free muffins’.

And a fake gold plate on the door reading ‘CEO’.