You could call this the Dr. Fox effect.

Professor of law Deborah Merritt summarized the Dr. Fox Effect as it was observed in the first experiments: “The experimenters created a meaningless lecture on ‘Mathematical Game Theory as Applied to Physician Education,’ and coached the actor to deliver it ‘with an excessive use of double talk, neologisms, non sequiturs, and contradictory statements.’ At the same time, the researchers encouraged the actor to adopt a lively demeanor, convey warmth toward his audience, and intersperse his nonsensical comments with humor. … The actor fooled not just one, but three separate audiences of professional and graduate students. Despite the emptiness of his lecture, fifty-five psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, graduate students, and other professionals produced evaluations of Dr. Fox that were overwhelmingly positive. … The disturbing feature of the Dr. Fox study, as the experimenters noted, is that Fox’s nonverbal behaviors so completely masked a meaningless, jargon-filled, and confused presentation.”[3]

What does this mean?

You can get away with total gibberish, as long as you rant in a charismatic way, like Donald Trump. Charisma has very little to do with what you are actually saying. Charisma is when you can appear powerful, but at the same time also warm. You are basically charismatic when you can show you have a lot of power and that you will use that power for the benefit of the audience. Try listening to a speech by Adolf Hitler, they rarely make any sense at all, they are full of imagery and weird hints at spirituality. It’s all about the way the speech is staged. Unsuccesful politicians fail to understand how important form is over content. The least charismatic politicians in Belgium are those of the communist sect, PVDA. Their elite neither look powerful nor do they have any warmth, since all they ever do is try to convey their cold theories, and when they do try to be warm, it’s obvious they are only trying to be warm, it’s not genuine. No power, no warmth, so they look like boring losers. Hillary Clinton succeeds in conveying power, but fails to give off any warmth, as a result she comes across as nauseatingly arrogant. When she tries to be warm, the audience’s gut feeling says: something’s off, she’s fake. The Green Party’s candidate, Dr Jill Stein, has the opposite problem, she’s very warm, she’s so sweet -watch one of her interviews-, but you don’t feel that she has any power.

So, if you feel you lack influence, it doesn’t have to be because of what you’re saying, but mostly because of the image you present, no power, no warmth, no influence.

This is of course why we keep electing people who are incompetent, they just excel at selling their brand. Some are easily found out, such as Donald Trump, and some remain popular when there’s been ample opportunity to see that they are just an empty brand and a poster boy for Wallstreet and the big banks and corporations, such as drone killer Barack Obama…

Mundus vult decipi.

The world wants to be deceived.


Read this book for more information on how to be charismatic.