Motivated to learn Dutch. Probably their fourth or fifth language, maybe even sixth, if we count Czech.

They’re all pretty, friendly, communicative, and romantic enough to endear you to the core.

They speak softly, are considerate, and make jokes, kinda naughty jokes, but original.

Usually they ask insightful questions pertaining to grammar. If they spot an inconsistency they are quick to point it out and ask why the rules don’t seem to apply. They meticulously take notes as most female students do.

We have one hour a week together. I bring them chocolates and gummy bears. I mean, how else do you tell people you enjoy working with them ánd motivate them at the same time?

You learn a lot about people, in one hour a week.

One likes her space when she sleeps and doesn’t like spooning. She’s very critical, but because she likes quality, not because she’s trying to show off. She’s the more secretive of the bunch, but you know what they say about still waters. She has a very mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Elegantly dressed, without overdoing. As someone who likes challenging interaction, I would say this one draws me out the most, but they’re all special in their own unique way. She’s a typical Capricorn (yes, I confess, I have a thing for star signs).

One cheeky, playful one is particularly fond of wine. Sometimes she’s a bit down, and sometimes she’s cheerfully teasing me. She makes the most jokes, and likes absurdity. The kind you would love to go from bar to bar with and end up in all sorts of funny situations. A while back she went to the Netherlands asking everyone she met if they wanted to go and eat pizza. She made a lot of friends that way.

One is married to a German, is clearly good at German and Dutch comes easy to her. She enjoys the banter and the merry atmosphere in the classroom. She’s quite competitive and often wins quizzes and games.

One likes Italian guys, has flaming red hair and passionate gestures when she speaks. Kinda the life of a party.

One knows a lot, reads a lot, and likes to take care of the others.

One is very delicate, very kind, but you feel the strength in her, behind the soft, disarming aura. Very sensitive and romantic. Hears a lot and sees a lot. She seems very huggable, but these days you can’t even say the word ‘hug’ without risking a visit by a lawyer. Anyway, let me repeat, she looks very huggable.

One is particularly eager to speak Dutch properly, she has big, inquisitive eyes and has a funny nervousness about her, she seems to have a lot of fun.

One seems apathetic or just quiet at first, but then she turns out to be very playful, very slender, doesn’t take herself too seriously, perhaps she has a lighter attitude towards life than most of us, but who knows, that could just be an impression.

If fun happens on the border between structure and chaos, then that’s exactly where we are with this group. Skipping between focus on Dutch and unexpected goofiness.

It’s the time you forget how everything revolves around money, it’s the time you forget how disconnected we all are running the rat race, it’s the time when you feel what matters, kindness, growth, joy, cooperation, flirtatiousness, basically anything that makes the heart canter along more briskly, kinda like happy hour, but better.