You can’t do or say anything anymore. Some clothes shop had to reconsider selling a ‘refugee from WWII outfit‘ because it reminds people too much of Anne Frank. There must be something wrong with me, because I can’t see anything wrong with that. I need a lynching mob of politically correct boys and girls to set me straight. Want to dress up as a refugee from the WWII era? Fine, I can think a lot worse than that. And I think my intuition is right when it says that people who dress up like that are not in any way saying that Anne Frank deserved to die or something like that. In fact, I think I would like lots of teenagers identifying with Anne Frank, the girl had some panache, great girl. If she would be alive today and 18 or older I would want to date me. You can post nasty tweets about me now. I am sure I have just offended some people. Maybe people called Anne. Or people who like Swiss franks.

In Germany they have to reconsider naming a train Anne Frank.

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson was and is under fire for speaking out against the use of new pronouns, other than he or she, when referring to people who say they have a gender that’s not male nor female.

And now Kevin Spacey does the right thing, deeply apologizing for coming on to a 14 year old kid, although he can’t remember the event, and sorry, but I believe him, and I think it was an apology from the heart. At the same time he comes out as gay.

Now some people who make a living out of being offended ALL THE TIME, like Owen Jones, jump on that and claim that he has now basically said that all gays are pedophiles.

I probably need to be send off to a political reeducation boot camp, but I fail to be so easily offended to read that into Kevin’s message. Note that I’m not defending Kevin because I’m such a big fan of his work, he’s not my favorite actor, I mean he’s fine, but am not really a fan.

Owen Jones, one of those people who lie in a digital ambush 24/7 to jump on anything to be outraged about, does see it there. And he asks: ‘how dare you, Kevin Spacey?’

Now, apart from being an arrogant prick who now thinks he’s by some magic been turned into the consciousness of the entire English speaking world, Owen Jones has written two perspective changing books that are highly recommended if you want to understand the modern world: Chavs and The Establishment and how they got away with it.

Of course, he gets paid to feed the ‘I am offended’ culture. And it’s really a culture. A cult even. People who sit around waiting for something to be outraged about. The eternally indignant.

My guess is that these people feel deeply wronged in their life, by the world, so instead of screaming about how they were wronged, they run after every issue in the public that offends them.

Some, like Owen Jones, get paid to do that. Look him up, he writes for the Guardian. Without Kevin’s Tweet he’s have had a harder time coming up with something to put himself in the spotlight.

Is it too much to ask to use common sense? Does anyone seriously think that Kevin Spacey wants to say that all gays are also pedophiles? Of course not. If you read that into it, it’s because you really want to read that. At best you have now given homophobes ammunition. Because after all your idignant tweets, those homophobes will SURELY see that message there.

It’s almost like a nice little economy, the outrage economy.

Owen Jones, how do you actually dare to tell Kevin Spacey when he should come out and how? Also: how dare you ignore his apology? He clearly apologized. Which is a way reaction than we’ve seen from lots of other dudes who’ve been accused of sexually appropriate behavior.

If I have offended you (easily offended people have unfollowed me ages ago, so I doubt it) I do apologize and I wish I was a nicer person who saw all the little nuances that people could get deeply offended about.

For the record, and to make it really abundantly clear, I do not think all gay people are pedophiles, neither does Kevin Spacey, and Owen Jones, anyone who thinks that does not read The Guardian nor any of your books.

If you want to read Chavs or The Establishment, by Owen Jones, by all means, you’ll get a lot of information on things you already know, but now built up with facts. As for his indignation in the Guardian. Please note that the man is trying to make a living. He needs to come up with something new and catchy quite often. I find myself in the same predicament, but I don’t get paid for what I write here, so I have a little bit more freedom to stick to what I really feel, and not what I think I should be saying to keep my ties to The Guardian intact.

If I had to choose between going for a drink with Kevin or with Owen, I would certainly go for Kevin. Owen might get offended at the way the waiter pours our drinks.

Here’s the apology and coming out of Kevin: