Is Christianity to blame for this?

Are the puritans to be blamed for this?

Did the Victorian age never end?

Is Mark Zuckerberg extremely neurotic about the human body and/or asexual?

Is it the economic factors behind monogamy?

I think the only real reason is that Facebook would lose a lot of users, if sexual posts were allowed. And they know violent posts won’t cost them much users, so that’s ok. Their users are their product, they sell their user to advertising companies, and lately they milk their users to pay for ads as well. This is why you get only very limited views if you have a Facebook page and don’t want to pay for views.

This means that lots of folks are ok with violence, but not with sexuality. To me that is WEIRD. But we already know lots of people prefer pain over pussy.

What exactly happened to the sexual revolution? How did that lead to ‘porn everywhere’ on the one hand, and ‘sex being the most offensive thing to talk about, write about’, etc. on the other hand?

So we get awfully written books like ’50 shades of grey’ (I prefer ’50 gays in the shade’, a lot better written), but we can’t really talk about sex, we have to jump through an impossible number of hoops to have a positive, yet casual, sexual experience when we meet someone we find attractive, but don’t need to get married to for life, and Facebook bans a post that doesn’t even show any genitals. I mean look at it…

Weird. Personally I feel very alienated from our society. I have nothing with porn, I’m for a much more open-minded, embracing attitude towards sex. I was raised in the free love hippie spirit, and I’ve always seen that as something incredibly positive and liberating, but especially here in deeply catholic Slovakia, I get the feeling that most people still think sexuality is the worst and dirtiest and most to be avoided human activity imaginable.

Even weirder is that I can post videos of dogs being put on fire, cats being fried, and pictures of Palestinian children being butchered by Israeli soldiers (as long as they aren’t naked).

Anyway, is there a country on earth where people are as relaxed about sexuality as they are about food? I’ve been advised to move to Asia, Vietnam, for example.

Funny that we tend to choose our own prisons.

Anyway, that’s stuff for a different post.

Here is the post that scares Facebook and threatens their money making machine.

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