From an older post:

Suppose one of your hardest problems is the effect beautiful women have on you, and how to react to that. Suppose that you select a therapist purely based on the info that therapist has on her website. Then suppose you walk into a therapy room, and an absolutely gorgeous woman, with a truly unique face, endless legs that would put many a model to shame, a figure to die for, and a body so sexy that it chases all that’s wrong with life from your thoughts in an instant. Imagine that this person, far more beautiful than the beautiful women outside of therapy, is your therapist to help you deal with exactly this problem. What are the odds?

If you would believe you’d assume God is really watching this with popcorn in his or her lap.

All that’s beautiful in life distilled, like pure concentrate in this one person’s physique. How odd is that? You’d assume some organisation is behind this. Let’s find someone who will blow him away in the most intense way possible and see what that does.

She seems just aware enough of her beauty to not become arrogant about it. I do assume that beauty like that is a very precious coin, very rare and powerful, but two sides to it, as with any coin.

‘With the lights out it’s less dangerous’, sang Nirvana.

Except that I have therapy during the day, so a total black-out is not an option. And how could it change anything? Her face and never ending legs are now the prominent decor of my mind anyway.

The benefit of bumping into an irresistibly bewitching lady, is that all those other women who try their utmost to capture a man’s eye, lose their power over you or become irrelevant, which is a relief.

The huge downside is that the mere sight of her, reminds you that you can feel something different, that you can be swept away by beauty, that once, long ago, you felt things, you believed that the present was great and that tomorrow would be even better. Her sandmill shape stops time.

She’s so engulfing that when you walk out you have the advent of tears in your eyes, not actual tears, but the precursor of them, which is a lot for someone who is not allowed to ever cry. You almost want to punish her for making you feel again, for rousing you from the cemetery of the walking dead.

Perhaps that’s all that life is, to bump into someone that knocks the air out of your lungs, physically and mentally.

You feel superficial for only snapping, for 50 minutes at least, out of a state of perpetual death wish, ‘just’ because you happen to see a woman so attractive, so gracefully feminine that you think, well, this must be the whole point of human existence. This is where it’s at. This is what makes a man want to hunt ferocious wild animals so that this beauty that puts every cell in your body on fire will live. It makes everything bewilderingly simple all of a sudden.

So for 50 minutes you get a taste of being a man again, and then the curtain falls again, and you become that automaton once again, that works for a pittance, does all sorts of ridiculous stuff to get to 20 or 25 euro, eats so called comfort food that doesn’t bring any comfort whatsoever, sleeps, and flirts with sort of pretty girls, who can’t even imagine what they lack that Laura – for some mysterious reason – lives and breathes like a fully developed female beauty. If life would be easy, you would of course, just take that energy she sets in motion to create a world with her.