Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, an expert in the mechanisms behind first impressions, claims people are looking for two things when they first meet you.

Is this a warm person? Meaning: Can I trust this person?

Is this a competent person? Meaning: Can I respect this person?

You can read about her findings in her book, “Presence

And according to her warmth will open more doors for you than competence, though ideally a person is equipped with both.

Source: http://uk.businessinsider.com/harvard-psychologist-amy-cuddy-how-people-judge-you-2016-1

Slovak women do not like to waste time they could have spent shopping, so they test you on both levels at the same time:

Can I trust this person to make a lot of money?

Slovak women are nothing if not practical!

Ok, that was a joke.

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