The good news, or at least the promising news, because you can’t trust a pathological flipper: Hillary has told CBS that she will never be a candidate again, she’s tired of it.

We are tired of her as well. This could finally be a win-win situation.

She’s stooped lower than the bottom of the Grand Canyon recently by blaiming Bernie Sanders for her loss. That was her problem all along: she thought it was going to be a coronation and not an election. She didn’t see Bernie coming, and she didn’t see Trump coming. And now she’s hurting. Bad. She’s hurting like someone who eventually will have to admit -even if only in private or only to herself- that she was the main problem with her campaign. Pride comes before the fall. She was incongruent. She didn’t walk the talk. She had accomplished nothing as a senator. And while she could boast ‘experience’, she couldn’t really list many concrete achievements, apart from speeching at an insane rate…

Here’s why the public spit her out, in one image, she tried so hard to be one of ‘us’ and Bernie, who was much more authentic and sincere, pushed her to try even harder to pretend to be standing with the masses. In the end Trump’s authentic contempt totally trumped Clinton’s fake sympathy…

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