One of the most emotionally simmering connections I’ve seen on screen, is the one between reluctant undercover agent Billy and psychiatrist Madolyn. Vera Farmiga who plays Madolyn only has a small part to play, but she’s a terrific actress and really makes you feel she’s a real woman, intelligent, highly educated and sensitive, with many layers, she pulls this off with only a look or a glance or the right kind of move or tone of voice.

In this scene with her ex-client the loneliness and despair both characters feel is almost tangible. The line that really hits home is: ‘I have to say your vulnerability is really freaking me out right now. Is it real?’

A steaming, delicately filmed sex scene follows.

Of course, in reality nothing will kill sexual attraction in most women as totally than a man showing major and very real vulnerability, but that doesn’t make the scene any less endearing. The song ‘comfortably numb’ totally fits.