Hey, you can’t leave all the juicy energizing German words to the nazi’s. Yes, I know, Frühlingserwachen is the name of the last major nazi offensive, but, come on, it’s got some spunkish ring to it, doesn’t it?

Here are some of April’s awesome things:

  • I got a 17-year old Slovak student who volunteered to learn French after class and he’s rocking it
  • I finally know what I want to say about the American Civil War and the Confederacy
  • The same student who’s learning French offered his help in marketing the Slovak version of the Authenticity Diary
  • Although being married to a gorgeous Slovenka has its downsides, the upsides far outweigh the disadvantages I must say
  • my students call me William or even Wilko, instead of the overly formal ‘mister professor…’, and you know, I haven’t lost a speck of authority because of this, hell, they even hug me, get me chocolate, turn their answers on tests into private messages, meet me after school for tea. There is no good reason to have your students call you by any other name than your first name. Period.
  • they meet me for tea, because I have quit alcohol. I’ve been clean for six weeks
  • I’ve quit coffee, I’ve been free of any addiction to the black juice for six weeks
  • six weeks ago I hit rock bottom and I decided to really turn my life around
  • the hardest thing is to give up on someone you gave one of the top suites of your heart to, but if that person doesn’t want to move in, you gotta respect them and wish them love, luck and happiness on their journey without you
  • when you have the plan to create a festival called BratiFiësta (a concept stolen from the stalinist PVDA in Belgium) the amount of spontaneous support is simply overwhelming
  • when you encourage your students to criticize you it does not undermine your authority, it actually strengthens mutual trust and respect
  • when you treat a person as capable of carrying important responsibilities, guess what, they prove themselves worthy of your trust in them
  • you get a lot more done when you focus on what you enjoy doing the most, without obsessing over the results 13d820106fb8d99cada4fd5621bf3f25.jpg
  • people are much mistaken if they think Slovakia is behind the times, it is not, there are as many progressive trends in this society as there are in the west
  • I greatly admire the efforts of the independent Slovak newspaper DennikN
  • I notice again and again that people who are deeply involved in some form of fighting sport are some of the most disciplined, self-confident AND non-violent people you can meet. I have the greatest respect for my student, Adam Okoličány, who at some point in April totally beat me at arm wrestling
  • You know what the best way is to totally make a group of teenagers fall silent? Tell them something that actually matters, like how the US fucked up in Vietnam or why there’s such a thing as ISIS. You can hear a pin drop to the ground if you tell them about stuff like that.
  • The visitor count of this blog is booming, in April it got TEN TIMES MORE TRAFFIC than back in January…
  • Bratislava is FULL of delicately dressed women who seem to come straight from some cat walk…
  • Bratislava is booming, there are more and more events going on and april saw a huge anti-corruption march organised by younger people right smack dab in the middle of Bratislava protests bratislava.jpg

(this one rant a month thing replaces the daily 5 awesome things a day series)