whatever she wants.jpgWhat hooked me to this book is the authentic tone of the book. It seems very candid and honest. Andrew Rosetta (a pseudonym) goes from being a virgin Church Leader in his early twenties to becoming an award winning gigolo. What also kept me reading, is his obvious drive to have a profitable business, he tries to be smart about money and starts buying houses, there’s also his ambition to be a very professional gigolo, and his respect and empathy for his clients. Given some different training, he might well have gone on to be a very succesful therapist.

His clients come from all walks of life. The descriptions of his encounters are as revealing as they are endearing. Several got stuck into my mind: the phd student, several other students, a young hot model ordering a gigolo because her boyfriend is abstaining from sex during the Ramadan, so it wouldn’t count as cheating… A woman with her legs amputated below the knee, lesbians trying something new, and gay men ordering a straight gigolo just for the thrill of being around someone young and hot whom they know they can’t possibly get.

Almost a how to manual

If anyone is considering becoming an escort, this is a mustread book. You learn how to always get your money BEFORE the exchange. You learn that the women often get paid more, even if the male escort organizes a big event for a client. You learn that rich Russians take their money all over the world by buying very expensive stamps. Customs doesn’t care about stamps, they are very small and easy to take with you everywhere you go, and they are fabulously expensive. You learn how to set prices as an escort, how to advertize, how to deal with competition, which time of the year is good for business, etc. You even learn quite a bit about women’s needs. And no, it’s definitely not true that a male escort’s clients are women who can’t get sex anywhere else, that’s very often not the reason why women ring up a gigolo.

There are dangers that come with the profession, dangers that could become significantly less dangerous if this line of work would be regulated.

All in all the book is populated with fascinating people, though the psychological analysis doesn’t run very deep. Our gigolo also doesn’t dig too deep inside himself. We never get to know why he can’t establish a real, lasting relationship or what turned him into a gigolo who simply LOVES his work. His switch from Church leader to gigolo seems to come from these things: he likes to be a little bit outside of society (being a Church Leader is not exactly mainstream behavior either, so there’s really no contradiction there), his love of money, his obvious love of women and his people skills, and -this is perhaps the key one- he has the opportunity, he has everything going for him to become a gigolo, you could call it a calling hitting you in the face: a big dick, good looks, lots of attention from women, a willingness to work out in a gym and he’s willing to be constantly available to please others.

He’s a little dyslexic, which seems to show in the book, because there are some very obivious grammar mistakes in the book and here and there a word is missing.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable book and easily the best testimony from a sex worker I have ever read.