Who believes Assad would be so retarded to use gas at this point in the conflict?

The guy is winning the war. He’s got the active and very sopphisticated support of Russia, some support from daunting Hezbollah fighters and covert support from Iran.

He’s still firmly in control of most key areas, and this after six years of bloody conflict.

And then he would open a huge can of worms by using some gas to kill off a couple of hundred, mostly harmless, people?

You seriously think a guy who is intelligent enough to stay in control of a country while the biggest military power on earth is doing everything in its power to topple him would make such a dumbass move?

When Syria and Russia claim the gas got free when a rebel stockpile was bombed I believe them. It’s an explanation that makes sense.

The reaction of the US would be laughable if no bloodspill and wanton destruction was involved.

What do they hope to accomplish by sending in some rockets? It’s to deter more gas attacks? There was no gas attack in the first place.

Do they hope to beat ISIS by undermining one of its strongest opponents?

The strike with their cowardly missiles won’t do anything to remove Assad, it will not end the conflict, it will only prolong it.

It’s also absurd that the US doesn’t mind dropping thousands of bombs on several different countries, it doesn’t really mind the use of conventional weapons to kill thousands, it has zero problems with the extremely oppressive regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it does not oppose the systematic land theft by Israel or the systematic bullying of the Palestinian people by the Israel ‘Defense’ Force, but gas is used?

All hands on deck let’s kill some folks to show we don’t approve of the use of gas to butcher people!

Butchering people is ok, just not with gas.

Was the gas locally produced and did the US arms manufacturers not make a killing, I mean profit, from the use of gas? Is that the problem? Can we only kill people with weapons bought in the US?

Does nobody notice a pattern?

The US LOOOOOOOOOVES dictators. As long as those dictators serve as puppets to back US interests.

It loved Saddam as long as he did what the US wanted, like invading Iran. A war in which millions of people died. Oh, also a war in which gas was used. It’s a also a war that’s almost never talked about. Does anyone realize the US and its allies kept supplying Saddam with all the weapons he wanted to keep the conflict going?

It was only AFTER the biggest war since World War II that Saddam became a problem, namely when he invaded Kuwait and when he decided he didn’t want to trade oil in US dollars anymore. (oil is traded in US dollars which makes the US currency artificially strong, and whenever someone wants to stop doing that, they need to go.)

The same is going on with Assad. Assad is a problem, not so much because he is a so called dictator (it remains to be seen if he actually is one), but because he did stuff that the US elite does not like.

He didn’t want pipeline running from Qatar to Ukraine over Syrian territory, this to undermine Russia’s excellent position as a supplier of energy.

Saddam could be the worst dictator in history, if only he did what the US wanted.

Assad is in the Russia – Iran – Hezbollah camp, and that’s why he needs to go.

The US and its most beloved ally, the totally undemocratic Saudi Arabia, want Assad gone.

It’s a war by proxy between the US and its allies and Russia and its allies.

The US has a bigger problem with Assad than with ISIS. They kinda like ISIS because it creates chaos in the region. ISIS kills other muslims, it has yet to kill some of the US backed Israelis. ISIS is no threat to US interests, Assad is.

Assad has recently said: If you want to fight terrorism in Europe then stop supporting it in Syria.

He’s no angel, but he’s right. The US backs terrorism in some places and claims to be fighting it other places.

Because the US elite does not really care about values, it cares about business. To topple Assad is good business. To force democracy on Saudi Arabia is bad business.

Do not believe the mainstream media, figure things out for yourself and follow the money to understand events like this.

If anything happens ask: Qui bono? Who benefits?

The US and Saudi elites benefit if Assad is gone.

It does not care about the use of gas. It’s just a pretext. It’s the oldest trick in the book of warfare.

And watch this:

This post is dedicated to Ruben, known on Facebook as Parallel Heimat.

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