1. A colleague drew me a bird

And put flowers on my desk.

2. The guy with the long chains, sigarette burns and cuts all over his arms who stood up to give an old lady his seat in the tram this morning

He looked like Satan’s little helper, based on his clothes, he easily had the most deviant outfit I have seen in Slovakia, and I suppose some people will look down on him or write him off as some crazy fruitcake, but I could see he was a nice kid.

I would have liked to know why he had so many cuts. He had the most cuts and burns I have ever seen on a person, and I am drawn to people who suffer, so, that must mean something.

Was it auto-mutilation or acting tough during some games with his friends, or some statement? Or a combination?

I often notice that people who wear wristbands with spikes are very sensitive. As if they wish to keep the less sensitive people at bay by adopting an agressive clothing style.

3. The nice people heavily outnumber the nasty ones

Almost all people I meet during a day are basically nice people who want to improve their own lives and their own comfort a bit or want to learn a new skill and grow somewhat, most of them are wired for connection and most will help you if you ask. Most can take a joke, and most feel it if you mean well to them.

The people who don’t like me, almost always leave me alone and I almost always leave them alone.

I live in one of the most peaceful corners of the world.

The worst you can expect from people in Slovakia is that they will talk behind your back, but people do that everywhere.

4. Truly nice and caring people don’t use power, they don’t need it

You need to use power if you want to make someone do something he doesn’t want to do. He truly does not want to something for you when he feels you don’t have his best interests in mind. That’s when bad -usually a synonym for very insecure and egotistical- people use power and force you to do something.

Nice, caring, ánd at the same time self-respecting people get through their day without using power, they are respected enough to use authority.

5. When my students open up they say things like:

They want to be less shy around girls, they want to be more sociable, they want to help others more, they want to lose their virginity, they want to gain weight, they want to lose weight, they want a relationship, they want to hear what you really think about them.

When you strip away people’s protective shields you almost invariably find big hearts.