1. Why do women test men? James Marshall gives the best explanation

I want to say that I’m not really watching these things to go out and seduce women on the street. I have a laser sharp idea about my love life and random seduction is not going to add anything to it at all. What I like about it, is that in order to actually be able to  succesfully ‘pick up’ girls on the street, a man needs to be very aware of himself and be the man he wants to be, because that’s what women respond to most. It’s the insights concerning being the person you want to be that keeps me interested, and the information about female psychology.

The best in the field is this guy. Well worth watching, even if you are not planning to become some sort of serial seducer, it’s quite powerful stuff about social interactions, being honest to yourself, having self-awareness, men-women dynamic, how a person comes across, etc. And he’s quite an interesting dude. He’s gone to great lengths to realize his dreams.

2. I did go running last night

Ok, there are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know if they are going to have a meal tomorrow, so my conquering my laziness (it’s actually more a social fear, I don’t like it when people see me run) is ridiculous compared to the challenges other people face, but apart from feeling so very spoiled,  I was also very relieved that I finally went running again. I could still run quite fast and without any problems and I got runner’s high and kinda felt a oneness that lots of other activities cannot supply.


You simply can’t ignore your body if you want to feel happy. In itself it’s the silliest thing of course, to go running around a lake just to feel good, not to hunt some animal for food in order to survive, but ok, we do what we need to do. And in a way it’s not too far from the truth to say that people run to survive. Exercise is something our brains require.

3. I thought this was cute. Where can I get this?


4. I keep repeating this: At any time be the true expression of who you are, unapologetically


5. Give to the world what you feel is missing from it. What are you offering?

I’m offering


acceptance of who you are right now


a spunge for your traumas

some small insight as to how the world works at this point in history

just the right amount of hedonism and wildness

and I’ll always have a botle of wine ready for when you come visit and need to get it out of your system