Twitter is one of the most depressing places on internet, but a true hell hole is Tinder. If you know a couple that’s in a happy relationship thanks to Tinder, please introduce me to that oddity.

While looking at some videos of Sasha Daygame (a Pick Up Artist Turned Philosopher/Champion of Social Freedom and powerful beliefs/Student of human nature and economics????, it’s hard to define what the guy is up too lately) I bumbed into this.

The video has more than 2,000,000 views. The guy has a certain cuteness about him, I guess, he’s not particularly funny, but I suppose you could say he’s mildly entertaining.

And there are no suprises to be had.

When he simply asks a match ‘Hey, do you want to have sex?’, most say no, some are interested, but want more of a conversational investment on his part, before they’ll say yes and some just say yes right away, because surprise, surprise, surprise, women love to have sex and once in a while they like to have it without any hassle or emotional attachments. Is that news?

A ri-di-cu-lous amount of energy and time goes into stuff like this, I think there are worthier causes, but I do have some admiration for the preparation work that goes into this, the quality of the video, the casual confidence in which he presents the video, and some of the witty answers of the women make it funny.

‘Hey, do you want to have sex?’

‘Wow, that was impressively quick for you to ask that question. I hope you last longer in bed.’

Ok, so now:

‘Hey, do you want to talk about Syria?’