constitutionI have an 18 hour car drive behind me, and lots of stuff was going through my head the whole time, even more than during a regular day. I’m sure more blog posts will come out of this treck from Slovakia to Belgium.

For now I want to point to this puzzling dynamic: I manage to rarely do what brings me joy, worse, out of my own free will I do lots of things that don’t bring me any joy at all and add to my frustration. I can list some of those as well, but for now I’m going to list 11 things that I enjoy and how often I do them.

The thing that brings me joy The frequency
The feeling after a good run Zero times for the last two years
Anytime I write at least two pages of fiction in a day Every day since a tweek or two
Being around or in contact with beautiful women (on the inside and the outside) Already four today alone, my future wife included, who will ask me who the other three were as soon as she reads this
The feeling after a great workout Rarely, see the previous post as to why I don’t like to go to the gym. It’s not the exercises I mind, it’s the type of guy that goes to those places
Playing board games with friends A lot less than a couple years ago, and in the case of the more extensive board games that I like: never
Staging plays One a year, on average, the past decade. I think four a year would be optimal though…
Threesomes and other deviant stuff Not anymore
Reading books and making reading lists and sorting through my books deciding on which book to read next This is something I do daily. Though usually I rummage through my digital collection. Today I noticed I feel a lot more joy if I go through my ‘physical’ collection
‘Deep’ conversations face to face I can’t really determine the frequency of this, right now, but I’d say: not enough. I have one Dutch friend I write regular ‘deep’ emails with it, but the joy this bring is less than if we were to do this face to face.
Creating movies I’m listing this in random order, because I absolutely LOVE this one. I get high when we are doing this with a good team and a scenario we are excited about. A pity I so rarely do this. I was going to write a pity I so rarely ‘get to do this’, but this implies it’s something beyond my control. The truth is that I don’t try hard enough to make sure we create more videos…
Giving people a feeling of full acceptance. What I mean by this: opening up to people so they open up and feel secure to tell me anything, remembering what they tell me, showing I care. Fairly consistently and often.

So basically, out of eleven things that bring me a lots of joy, over half I almost never do. And I’m guessing that the ones I didn’t even list are things that I never do.

That’s really a unique human trait isn’t it? We manage to postpone doing the things that bring us true joy.

I’d like to know, what are some things that bring you joy, but that you almost never do?


I didn’t list playing video games here, because they are a destructive force in my life, and a bringer of temporary joy and truly lasting damage.