We thought this interview with Peter Joseph has a very authentic vibe and we’d like to share it here. He talks about economics, religion, politics, consumer culture, how we can abolish money, and how we should move to an economy that is sustainable and keeps us, the human species, alive. In short, he advocates out of the box thinking and something he calls ‘a resource based economy’. He also talks a little bit about the path that took him to where he is now, the face and the founder of the Zeitgeist movement. We are not members of that movement, and are not planning on joining any time soon -lack of time, scepticism, not so much about the ideas, but about the structure of the movement-, but what the man has to say is very interesting.

Live an authentic day!

PS There are people who think Peter faked this interview and that there was no interviewer. 1: We don’t care, what he says is still interesting 2: There’s convincing behind the scenes footage on YouTube that seems to confirm there most certainly was an interviewer.