civilization hall of fame1. If it’s not avaible you can’t do it 

You know what I did after pledging not to play Civilization anymore? Which you can read here. I went straight back to playing it and broke my personal record again. Then I had a strange stroke of luck. My antivirus program all of sudden blocked the game. I’ve been playing this game on the same computer with the same antivirus programme for at least 2 years. It has never blocked this game, in fact it has never blocked any programme I use. I thought I’d just reinstall it, but it blocked it again. Did the universe intervene? I could install it on an other laptop, but luckily I am not THAT addicted, though it’s been pretty bad. Since it’s been mysteriously blocked (No, my girlfriend didn’t do this, nobody did this) I haven’t played it anymore and I haven’t even missed it. Well, just a little bit maybe.

best ever score civilization

2. The addiction is a symptom

The addiction is not the problem, it’s just a sign of problem. How I found out? As soon as I quit playing this game, I picked up some other bad habits that I thought I had succesfully ditched months ago….

Find out the root cause of your addiction, or it will just get replaced with something else. Ehm, and no, I haven’t found the root cause yet. If I have the bet, in my case it’s FEAR.

This is the most important point, as long as you don’t investigate the root cause, you’ll just replace one addiction with the next one. If you can even quit the first one.

3. No amount of nagging from your loved ones will make you stop

In fact, it reinforces the thing you’re addicted to as a the thing that offers an escape from annyoing reality.

If you want to quit your addiction, try to convince your environment of this dynamic.

4. You have to be honest about it :: Express yourself 

Always admit it. Always, always, always admit your abuse. Don’t be ashamed, shame can’t save you. Honesty can safe you. Talk about it, write about it, sign about it, paint about it. Express yourself. I find that at the root of addiction is something that’s nagging inside us, but can’t find a way out, so we make it numb with our addiction.

5. Get a clear daily routine 

We can only make so many decisions during a day. Each decision we make exhausts our will power reserves for that day. Say you have 1000 will power units during a day, and each decions takes some away. When you are running low on these, you start making bad decisions. Having a good routine, limits the amounts of decisions you make during a day, and lets you store will power units for when they matter. When the addiction ‘demon’ starts calling out to you: ‘ow come on, one quick hit’.

Live an authentic day!