IMG_2428When you feel envious of someone, it simply means your gut feeling is kicking you in the butt: you can achieve whatever you are envious of. I’m never envious of a famous tennis player. Because first of all, I don’t give a rat’s ass about tennis. And second of all, there are cats and pigeons who can beat me at tennis. I suck at it, and I couldn’t care less. I do feel envious when someone does better than me in a field that I do care about and do have some talent for.

Envy is a good thing, since it shows you to way. Look at it as a compass. The next time you are envious of someone, ask yourself what exactly the person achieved, how exactly that person got where he or she is and learn from it. If you wouldn’t be able to achieve what they have achieved, you wouldn’t be feeling any envy. So, feeling envious? Congratulations, you have just found out what you want to achieve, AND your gut feeling has alerted you to the fact that you have what it takes to do it. That’s why envy hurts, it’s your gut feeling kicking you to WORK.