tim en benjamin

Tim van Zwieteren (see picture, left: Tim, right: Benjamin Bossaert, my brother) and myself have become accountability partners. We challenge each other, check on each other’s progress, push hard to make the other take the necessary steps to accomplish his goals, are honest about our daily accomplishments or lack thereof, and share all possible tools that could help to save time, be more productive, stop procrastinating, find mentors, the best projects to go for, etc. We’ve been doing this for about a week now, and I can’t speak for Tim, but I’m more aware of how I spend my time, what I really do to accomplish my goals, what I really want, what the best things are for me to focus on, when I’m being ‘a fucking cunt’ and so on. I recommend everyone to team up with someone who is committed to see you succeed in building your vision and vice versa. You can also follow us on Twitter as of today:  https://twitter.com/Tim_v_Zw and  https://twitter.com/SultryStories Feel free to ask us more about how we organize this accountability partnership. The key ingredient so far has been: full and total honesty, quite painful at times, glasnost (openness) and directness (we don’t mince any words). A side benefit to all this: when you explain something to someone, even something you think you know very well, you automatically learn more about it. As David Deangelo says in his famous, but I think forgotten, 77 laws: If you learn something new, immediately go and teach it to someone else. With an eager accountability partner you can do just that. All in all: the right accountability partner keeps you on your toes like a strong bucket of cappuchino (made with bullet proof coffee of course). Go out there and find your own accountability partner TODAY! Best of luck, William
PS If you happen to speak Dutch, check out this project, we absolutely need your help: http://www.keybooks.nl/campaigns/die-nacht-zag-ik-haar-drago-jancar/