cameron-diaz-sex-tapeMy wife didn’t want to go to church alone this morning. I joined her on the condition that I could just sit there and read a book. Her not wanting to be alone there won over her horror of me doing something else than paying attention in church. I had a very quiet morning and could read peacefully. For some reason the priest didn’t organise this typical kneel-stand fitness for old people today. He let his flock sit, we only had to stand once or twice. At the end of mass the loyal christ followers rushed forward like hungry wolfs to claim their branch of a tree. It’s Palm Sunday or something and the christ followers want a piece of the magic tree. They were very enthusiastic about it. These tree branches need to bring good luck. Well, it’s organised, instiutionalized superstition for a reason and as long as they don’t burn people at the stake they can pretty much do whatever they want, as long as they let me read. I’m reading a book about therapy. It’s good, it deals with transference and counter-transference and is quite clear about the role of a therapist, the difference between counselling and therapy and correctly criticizes rigid Freudian analysis.

Yesterday we started watching one of those mind-numbing ‘comedies’. Sex tape, with Cameron Diaz. It’s not funny, except for one or two scenes, but I’ve seen worse. At least it looks like the actors are having fun. As long as I don’t manage to write one of these sugar coated mainstream stories I also don’t want to be too condescending, because I’d love to write one of those flat scenarios and have the Hollywood money roll right in. But unfortunately I have to try and make things complicated and end up with things people can’t relate to, don’t wish to read and are instantly bored with. It’s an ongoing challenge, but creative writing still appeals to me. I think I will have to start writing stories around every day situations and not look too hard for something ‘original’, it seems that the more one tries to be original the more inaccessible your writing tends to be. And what’s the use of writing something that nobody feels like reading?