hr5Went running in the rain this morning. I prefer running in the rain, because most people stay in and I can feel like the most disciplined dude on the block, yeah. Self-discipline is my one true bliss.

Last night in bed I figured out that the play we are writing mixes up four entirely different story lines and genres. So, today we have disentangled them all and we are on track to write four separate, clearly structured plays and not one chaotic piece of theatrical hash.

41492EcKReL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Other than that I’m reading this book (see picture), so as to be a better therapist and offer the best possible quality to my clients. I’m always looking for more books on therapy, so if any of you know a good one, let me know.

Peace, love, empathy.

William, the roadrunning novelist/therapist, sometimes also a therapissed, because being a therapist doesn’t make me immune to negative feelings either. I’m all too human and that’s exactly why clients are in good hands.