Gabor Mate, a psychologist, says he was very addicted to buying cds with classical music. Anything can be an addiction.

Mine is watching documentaries, interviews and alternative news (I highly recommend ‘breaking the set’ with journalist Abby Martin)

Something is an addiction if you can’t stop doing it, if you prioritize it to the point you neglect other things so much it becomes harmful.

This weekend I have pretty much ignored everything and everyone to keep watching documentaries. If you have the time, do watch interviews with Peter Joseph, Ron Paul, John Perkins, Michael Rupert, just don’t become addicted to them.

Since there is usually no golden middle road for me, I will go ‘cold turkey’ and stop watching these things all together, because otherwise I won’t stop doing it.

So far, I’m not improving anything, except my knowledge (almost dead weight if I don’t know what to do with it), my Slovak and perhaps my muscles a little bit, as I do hundreds of pushups in different ways every day. I would exercise outside, but would have to glue my ipad in front my eyes.

Not exactly the definition of self improvement…