‘I could go for a nap right now’, she said as they walked out of the restaurant.

‘Good. You can sleep on a bench in the park while I hunt up our sex toy’

‘What’s with all the action all of a sudden? What was in your salad?’

‘I’m sort of like a diesel engine, it takes some time to get me running’

He didn’t even know if that was true, but to prove his point he took her hand and practically dragged her to the park. Luckily, this sudden switch made her laugh.

‘There’s your bench’, he said. ‘Nap away’

‘Ah, a sun bath does beat the crap out of statistics 1.1.’

She threw her bag in the grass and stretched out on the bench, on her back.

‘Right, wake me up when you’ve saddled up an eager stallion for me to ride. I do warn you that I’m very picky when it comes to my mounts.’

‘You can ride him till he drops and then eat him’

‘Ah, you really have known me for ages, haven’t you?’

‘The blood lust in your eyes and the matching red shoes aren’t the most subtle of clues’

‘I can’t hide it, can I? What makes you think I won’t do the same to you?’

‘I’ll take my chances’

He took his feet in his lap, slipped off her shoes and gave her a foot massage. Thinking about some article he had read once saying how a woman’s feet were somehow very connected to her vagina.

Her reaction only seemed to confirm that.

‘If you just keep doing that I may not even need any sex at all’

He spotted two guys throwing a frisbee around. Two guys would be too intimidating. Perhaps not for her, but for him. At least at first. He also didn’t want to pick a guy that was taller than him, but then quickly felt selfish about that.

He saw a tall blonde guy in shorts walk past, some 30 yards away and something about the way he walked marked him out as the perfect prey.