Am reading the last ‘how to write manual’ I’ll ever read. It’s one of the best, perhaps THE best, but it’s also the last one I’ll ever read. If something like ten books on how to write won’t do it, then nothing will. I’ll write a summary. I’ll also flip through the second best writing manual I have ever read: ‘the break our novel’. Together with this one, ‘the kick ass writer’, my writing career won’t suck because I don’t know the theory. You can’t learn how to write from a book, but you can get some pointers to speed up the real learning process:

Write, write, write and submit to critical readers who love great fiction. As you wait for their verdict, always have a box of Kleenex and a bottle of wine standing by. Make yourself a nice bath, don’t take any electrical appliances with you in the bath tub. Your readers don’t criticize you, they criticize the writing.

Anything else I’ve improved? Well, my Slovak of course, I’d have to be deaf to not pick up more Slovak around here.

Still have weird abdominal pain with no other symptoms and at night I still hope I won’t wake up the next day, so plenty of room for improvement left.

Those willing to offer useful feedback on my novel writing, see the episodes of ‘something, somebody, somewhere needs saving somehow’.