In military terms: I need to shorten my lines.

Why do I follow the news? It’s a distraction. We get reports on the symptoms, not the disease. Have unfollowed all major news channels. First of all, we live in a time of flat earth news, they all bring the same stories at the same time with the same images. And they are all very politically correct, never funny, and all so dreadfully objective (something you can never truly be).

Next. Why do I read books on so many different topics? That’s the formula for knowing something about everything, but never everything on anything. So I’ve decided to narrow it down, to shorten my lines. I’ve introduced a reading circle. Yes, yes, sounds autistic and maybe it is, but I can’t let the voracity of my mind dictate my reading behavior.

The circle:

I read a book on the American Civil war related to my phd topic or my novel, followed by a book in slovak (not a translation), followed by a book to relax with, followed by a book to make a better therapist. And repeat.

So 25 percent of the time I read about:

1. The American Civil War
2. Slovak culture, language, history, literature… All things Slovak
3. Stuff that relaxes me
4. Therapy and psychology

I’m in round three at the moment, so going to look for a book that might help me relax… I’m not the relaxing type, unless I get to play board games or strategy games, but I’ll look real hard for a relaxing book. I’ll even try not to let round three overlap with the other rounds.

Peace, love, empathy, follow your bliss and focus,

Best regards,

William Peynsaert, somewhat autistic