Done. Finished reading ‘La Conféderation sudiste’. 262 pages. It’s probably the best book I’ve ever read on the American Civil War. It’s written by one of my phd promotors and I’m very fortunate to know him. He had a vast personal civil war library and has used it to formulate a truly incisive analysis of the Confederacy, its motivations, its internal divisions, the stupendous decisions of its politicians and everything that led to its demise. I will write a review. Have underlined plenty of essential facts on almost every page.

So what have we learned on this self-improvement journey?

Decide what you want to do.

Focus, don’t get distracted.

Commit yourself. Simply do not stop until you’ve finished what you said you want to do. There’s no easy way out. Yes, the monkey mind will scream, will plead, will sob, whimper and beg, but you have to keep at it. Feel the reward!

I let my wife confiscate my I-pad and told her not to give it back until I finished reading this book. And in between reading I did allow myself to jot down ideas (with a pen, not on my I-pad).

As the evening is still young I now want to finish reading a Slovak novel. I’m underlining every word I don’t know, so it’s a slow process, BUT I’m commited to get to a C2 level in Slovak by the end of this year. I’m determined to fight out, if it takes all winter, spring and summer.

What were your goals for today? Did you accomplish them?

Death to all distraction.

Love, peace, empathy, follow your bliss and FOCUS!!!

Best regards,

William Peynsaert