Yesterday we improvised a game board for 5 players using a Czech version and a Dutch extension. My girlfriend won, my mother in law came in second, I was third, my father in law fourth, and my sister in law, who thinks the point of the game is to sabotage her brother in law, came in last.

Tony Robbins says that the way you play a game, says a lot about how you go about life. If this is true, and I think it is, then let’s see what this game says about me and my family:

-my girlfriend sets her own personal goal in life and does’t care about what the game manual says is the point of the game. The only thing she cares about is getting the longest route. She never attacks anyone, not even after being attacked herself. And I’m suspecting she wants what she builds to look, she always seems to try to connect all her villages, which is usually only important from an esthetical point of view. Do note the fact that she won by playing the game on her own terms…

-I’m suspecting my mother in law from pretending not to want to win. Or maybe she’s the one having the most fun during the game. She has a happy go lucky attitude about the game. Also, for some reason, she always ends up with lots and lots of cards, but doesn’t use them. Agony for me: she let’s everbody borrow her harbors. For free!! If you’re not familiar with the game: she helps out everybody else which doesn’t do her any good in this game… I am not even sure if the rules allow this sort of ‘community spirit’.

-my father in law more or less tries to win and shows the clearest signs of wanting the make the most intelligent decisions. I’m not sure why this seems to lead to him never winning…

-my sister in law attacks. Me. And only me. To no strategic benefit. She attacks me for the sake of attacking me. My explanation: she needs a boyfriend with whom she can have a lot of passionate high drama, lots of fights and bickering and make up sex afterwards. But hey, that’s just a theory. And my prejudices towards people who are Leo.

-me: certainly the most competitive of the lot. The cutthroat who’ll do anything to win, except breaking the rules. Interesting to not that I most definitely want to win, but am very bent on seeing everybody get what they are entitled to. I also spot a tad of paranoia. Lately I tend to load up on knights just in case somebody attacks me. This isn’t the best strategy by the way. The best strategy is to entirely ignore that you are being attacked. I am always looking to minimize the effect of luck. Which I have totally failed to do in the last couple of games. I hate luck as a factor. The game reveals that I am a closet case control freak.

What demons pop out of you when the dice start rolling?